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Highlands, NC

The mountain town of Highlands, NC was incorporated in 1879. It is believed that two frontier town developers,Samuel Kelsey and Clinton Hutchinson, drew a line on a map from New York to New Orleansand from Chicago to Savannah. They felt that the point of intersection would be theperfect spot for a vacation community. This point was Highlands, North Carolina. Highlands is located at the southern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains at an average elevation of 4118 feet. Because of the climate, clean air and natural beauty of the area, Highlands was originally promoted as a health retreat and summer resort.

The development of Highlands Country Club in the late 1920's further enhanced the town's reputation. This now famous Donald Ross designed golf course has been played by many golfing greats, including Bobby Jones, who maintained a summer home at the club. Bobby Jones still holds the course record despite many touring pros having played the course!

Our real estate firm, Nantahala Realty Co., Inc., evolved from the Highlands Nantahala Company which was the original development entity of Highlands Country Club in 1928.

Summer residents and visitors continue to flock to Highlands to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and waterfalls, the cool weather, and the relaxed environment of this wonderful mountain community . . . Not to mention great shopping for the ladies! We invite you to visit and discover our wonderful mountain town.



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